Will you make a good interim manager?

Your Current Circumstances/ Essential

  • Experience; you have worked at Board/Operating Board/Executive Committee level, or as a senior line or functional specialist, senior management generalist or professional Project Manager/Programme Director. As implied by this list most functions and business leadership roles and project/programme management tasks translate well into Interim Management assignments, but some functions and sectors are in more regular demand than others, so we recommend you speak to the IMA members for the latest market trends.
  • You need to be an expert in your field; with a background of progressive achievement, demonstrating clear success, budgetary and people responsibility. Recognised as credible and a high performer when measured against your peers, you will have a track record of real, quantifiable achievement, capable of contributing a wealth of knowledge and adding value from Day One, when matched to a suitable Interim assignment. For these reasons you have probably heard the IMA Members speak in terms of candidates needing to be “suitably over qualified.”
  • Focus on your main functional discipline and be clear on what you have to offer to clients by way of your past experience, successes and track record.
  • You are financially secure and able to manage periods when you are not billing.
  • You are unlikely to have worked for the same company for the majority of your
  • Interim Management is a career choice, not something to do whilst searching for a permanent job.

Your Current Circumstances/ Ideal

  • Flexible on location and able to commit to a weekly commute for the duration of the assignment.

Your Strengths/ Essential

  • Tenacious; possess sufficient energy and drive to secure a new assignment every six to nine months.
  • Engaging; capable of quickly establishing a rapport, building trust, able to sell yourself quickly and confidently as the selection process for interim positions is much shorter and more focused than the standard corporate recruitment process.
  • Urgency; are you perceptive, do you have the skills to quickly assess what’s going on in a totally new environment? You need to be able to analyse, develop solutions, influence and then deliver on time and within budget.
  • Happy with change, ambiguity and comfortable moving from one organisation culture, always adapting to the needs of the new boss!
  • Strong interpersonal skills, operating independently, or as a team member, as required.
  • Well developed people management and communication skills.

Your Administration/ Essential

  • Work through a limited company and have professional indemnity insurance.
  • Organised; maintain regular contact with IMA Members by updating CV, advising on availability, daily rates, so IMA Members are ready to match you to the right assignment.