By providing Interim Managers, Interim Management Association (IMA) members provide clients with the flexibility to avoid the fixed costs of hiring on a permanent contract, charge less than using traditional management consultants and provide more choice than client’s in-house resources.

Retained at short notice or as a planned strategic move, Interim Management is a flexible resource that enables a management team to meet the needs of a variety of different market and organisational circumstances.

IMA members appoint Interim Managers to many different functions and tasks but assignments are mainly focused on delivering change. When to call an IMA member to recruit an Interim Manager.

Interim Managers add immediate value as they bring relevant experience, cultural insight, skills transfer, and are retained on a contract that enables flexibility to start, stop or extend based upon the needs of the client. IMA members provide standards, choice and quality. How to select IMA provider, Briefing IMA provider , IMA members.